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The Navy has arrived, Captains! However, don’t be deceived as it’s not just any navy: it’s the mighty Royal Navy, bringing the first regular branch of British cruisers into the game! Join us in welcoming these regal vessels as they proudly sail into the high seas of World of Warships!

Changes on the Horizon

CaptinBirdseye ASTAFFA ot F posted Oct 2, 16  -  Dragon KingsNewsUpdateworld of warships

Dragon Kings has been going for a few good months and has exceeded my expectations when we first set sail in World of Warships.

Our membership has grown with the best of the applicants becoming regular active captains and our knowledge of the game has also grown while keeping a level head and sense of humour about ourselves.

We initially set out with a purpose but real life affected a lot of our staff team and a community spirit was brought into the clan with a more relaxed atmosphere about us.

Well, with Team Battles and Clans on the horizon for WoWs its time to get your game face on and strap in sailor as Dragon Kings steps up a gear and prepares for battle!

So whats coming in Dragon Kings ... ?

1. Clan Ranks ~ we will be introducing a rank structure so our staff team have purpose and roles that enable to run the clan smoothly.

2. Training Sessions ~ A training team will enable our members to advance with team and tactical play on the high seas.

3. Structure ~ Dragon Kings will become more structure and directed so we all know where we are heading.

We will keep our monthly events going so our members have the opportunity to earn doubloons as they sail and the friendly atmosphere we have in Teamspeak will also stay with us.

The staff team are all excited of where this is going and we are all positive about our outlook as a clan in WoWs and we would like to thank our current membership base for being a part of Dragon Kings.

RAF_Ninja STAFFLtnt WO Great news to hear, looking forward to events again. With the winter nights cutting in I hope to have a bit more time on...
MrSpik Able Rate Sorry this is in part from Google translate. SPIKERS CORNER: I try to do my best but my work comes first, then wows and...
Runawayfast STAFFCom Rec im aboard lol looking forward to more team events thats what the game is missing big time

A new batch of destroyers from the Land of the Rising Sun will hit the high seas in World of Warships! When? Sooner than you think!

The destroyers marked in red will reinforce the current Japanese Tech-Tree in the near future. We are aware that the changes depicted in the image above may impact you directly if you own some of the ships from the Japanese Destroyers branch, as a small reshuffle has been done to the line. More details on how this will be handled will arrive later, but don’t worry—if you have unlocked a certain ship in the Japanese Destroyers branch that has been affected by the change, we'll make sure that you are properly compensated!

The Akatsuki, Shiratsuyu, Akizuki and Yūgumo are currently undergoing their final test cruise. We need to make sure they are as sharp as a katana and as fast as shurikens before they join the Imperial Japanese Navy! Soon, we’ll be ready to share the date that they’ll appear on the public test server! Be sure to keep an eye on the news so you don’t miss anything, Captains!

Two inhouse teams battling for supremecy on the high seas.

Fighting their way to the other side of the Battleboard, playing various maps, various ships at various tiers. 

Read all about it on our Forums

0.5.10 Update Review

CaptinBirdseye ASTAFFA ot F posted Aug 17, 16  -  Dragon KingsNewsRecruitingworld of warships

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